Author John H. Gray

John H. Gray is the author of several books, including Journey of Betrayals, Journey to Unknown Consequences, Claude de Passioné, and Rosita’s Way.

John’s books have been enjoyed by readers in the United States, Canada, Holland, Finland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. His books can also be found in certain libraries and are for sale at various outlets around the world.

In addition to his own works, John co-authored and assisted notable Aruba historian Adolf (Dufi) Kock in the writing of ‘E.S Antilla’, the true story of the scuttling of the German freighter in Aruba at the start of WWII and also ‘Incident at Eagle Beach’.

It was, in part, his involvement that led to the writing of his Aruba inspired books. John and his wife often travel from his home in Ottawa, Canada to Aruba where he owns a villa and writes. John’s inspiration for writing had always been there, but a demanding career in IT over many years prevented the dedication needed to write the types of stories he wished to write.

An unfortunate accident altered John’s life when he was injured as a passenger in a taxi in New York State which resulted in his inability to continue in his career. While recovering, John’s wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and spent 6 years battling the disease as a participant in a cancer research program. Thankfully, all ended well.

It was during this period that John put pen to paper and wrote Journey of Betrayals and followed it with the sequel Journey to Unknown Consequences. John’s books are being enjoyed internationally by readers, many of whom have communicated their enjoyment to John.


I first started traveling to Aruba in early 2000. It was during those early trips that I had many conversations with both tourists and locals about Aruba. In those conversations several things were evident. The tourists really had no knowledge of the history or culture of the country. To them, Aruba was essentially an island with great beaches and fantastic weather. I found it disturbing that in discussions with locals that many had no appreciation for the history of Aruba or an understanding of some important roles the country had played internationally.

As I spent more and more time traveling around the island, I became aware of things that represented past events of significance…the German freighter scuttled at the outbreak of WWII…..the role of the oil refinery on Aruba and its importance to the Allies’ war efforts…..the heroic actions of an Aruban man who had studied in Holland and his efforts in the Dutch resistance……and then after the war, the establishment of the tourism industry and the infiltration of crime, including drugs, money laundering and other unsavory events...and many other facts.

It was one evening while dining with my wife at The Hyatt, that we became engaged in conversation with some of the younger wait staff who had recently graduated from the hospitality school in Aruba. I was personally dismayed when several told me that they couldn’t wait to leave the island for Europe or America and that Aruba had no history. I found their lack of knowledge startling. I was advised by them that history was not really taught in schools.

Later, a young lady came and introduced herself. She was the niece of a recognized Aruban historian and suggested I should speak with him and then phoned him. I spoke to him and we subsequently met. The result of those meetings led to my working on a project with a well-known screenwriter to develop a film script for a story based on certain events that were historic and factual. Fate intervened and the film, while written and ready, has not been made...


Journey of Betrayals

Journey of Unknown Consequences

Claude de Passioné 

The Adventures of Tutu and Tula Lost (English Version)

Les avontures de Toutou et Toula Perdu (French Version)


Rosita's Way

John is currently working on the completion of a new novel titled ‘Rosita’s Way’, the story of one young girl and her rise from the poverty of a South American barrio to a position of political power and the attempts of the military rulers to assassinate her. Rosita had been born with a streak of evil which comes into play as she struggles to maintain power.

Tutu and Tula Christmas 

A Christmas story with Tutu and family celebrating their papas return from working on another island.  Friends join the family for a special dinner.  One poor family is too  ashamed to visit them until Tutu and Tula swim to their home and invite them. A story of kindness and giving. Coming in September 2019.


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