September News Update


The Tutu and Tula Christmas book was completed and published. Initial response to the book has been excellent.

September also saw a significant development. The French versions of the Tutu and Tula series were accepted by bookstores in Quebec, Canada. The predominantly Quebec library system has also taken in copies of all my books, English novels and the French kiddies books.

Here are a couple of reviews from grandparents of kiddies describing the reaction to the Tutu and Tula: LOST book and story:

Review from Susan.
Good afternoon John. Alexis read your book today. She could just about read it by herself.
She would like to send you a thank you. Would you be kind enough to send me your address. Thanks again. Have a great day

Review by David Seltzer.
This is a children’s book written by longtime member, Arubaphile, friend and world class novelist John Gray!
I read this to my five year old granddaughter last night and she just loved the story which is about two baby turtles who live in Aruba!
As soon as I finished reading the story, Emma asked me to read it again to her! Then again a third time! She really loved the story and the happy ending!
To those of you who’ve got small children or grand children, this book is a must read!
Judging by Emma’s reaction, she’s already awaiting a sequel!
The story is very positive and contains some real important messages for small kids! We both highly recommend this for small children!
The book is live and can be purchased on Amazon.
If you, or others go to John’s website
it is featured there along with a click to buy button. And a little description of his next Christmas book.