2020 Recent News Update

 September 2019: Novels listed and available in library system in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Novels carried by independent bookstores in Ottawa and Western Quebec.

October 2019: presentation of books at Quebec library. Books entered into the Quebec library system.

November 2019:  Completing and preparing to release Rosita’s Way while staying at my winter home in Aruba.

December 2019:  Rosita’s Way released on Amazon and on Ingram for book stores and libraries

January 2020: Books purchase on entered in to Library system in Auckland, New Zealand.

February 2020: the children’s book, ‘The Adventures of Tutu and Tula. Friends completed and released.

March 2020:  A busy month. Invited to present and do a reading of the children’s books at The International School in Aruba.  Additional readings at other schools temporarily suspended due to Covid and lockdown on Island.

April and May 2020:  Spent month completing the novel ‘Claude de Passioné’

June 2020: Completed The Adventures of Tutu and Tula ‘Brave’

August 2020: ‘Brave’ released

September 2020: The final book in the Tutu and Tula series, The Adventures of Tutu and Tula. Farewell is released. Pre release announcement of the sequel to Claude de Passioné, titled ‘Revelations and Peace’